Creating Exemplary Leaders

Globally recognised as one of the most effective
Leadership Development Programs

Graham Moore is The first Certified Master Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge® in the Middle East

"I set out on this journey with one purpose - to develop leaders: leaders with vision, integrity, commitment and a passion for success. That is my commitment to you and the leaders at all levels of your organization."
- Graham Moore

Developing leaders at all levels in the Middle East and beyond
From C Level to front line leaders

Every day, leaders achieve the extraordinary. Over 30 years ago Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner set out to discover exactly how ordinary people accomplish great things.

They wrote the book that has become a modern classic on leadership. More than 2 million people have read The Leadership Challenge®. This groundbreaking book which was first published over 25 years ago and is now in its fifth edition and the assessment tool, The Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI), are even more relevant today.

Leadership is everyone’s business
Leadership requires deliberate practice
Leadership is an aspiration and a choice
Leadership is a relationship

The Leadership Challenge is one of the most widely validated leadership programs globally. This has been clearly demonstrated for over thirty years during which time evidence-based research has been collected from over 70 countries world-wide, it has involved over 5,000 individual case studies and over 600 academic research papers have been published. Over 5 million respondents have taken part in the Leadership Practices Inventory.

The Leadership Challenge is based on the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership:

Model the Way
Inspire a Shared Vision
Challenge the Process
Enable Others to Act
Encourage the Heart

The benefits of working with The Leadership Challenge® are related to:

Increased profitability

Increased productivity

Increased leader credibility

Reduced staff turnover

Higher levels of staff engagement and commitment

Teamwork and empowerment

How much is poor leadership costing your company?

Graham’s clients for The Leadership Challenge include Saudi Aramco and Saudi Airlines.

“This is the best course I ever had. What I learned will remain with me in my personal life and career.”
- Mohammed A Bahamedan, Chief Inspector – Saudi Aerospace Engineering Industries

The Leadership Challenge® has endured over 30 years of practice and the scrutiny of research.

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